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What is Chiropractic and why do I need to see a chiropractor


The Mind-Body flow

There are times in life where it feels as if you're constantly swimming upstream and other times where you're navigating the river of life with ease and confidence. When you're feeling disconnected and distant from this universal flow, it can be difficult to feel as if you're progressing in life. In the same way that you feel disconnected from this universal order, or intelligence, your body can sometimes be disconnected from your individual life sustaining flow, or intelligence. We call this disconnect "Subluxation".


D.D. Palmer, the man who brought modern chiropractic to the West, had a progressive and profound take on life and health when he said "Life is the expression of Tone" in the opening line of his Chiropractic Text-Book. When your body is in a subluxated state, it has altered tone and an impeded ability to heal itself. By "listening" and feeling for these discordances in the body, we can bring awareness and with specific impulses into the central nervous system we can reharmonize this connection. This reinforces the possibility for health and helps you reconnect with your life flow.

Santa Barbara Best Chiropractor visiting Museo Antropologica en CDMX

Dr. Ricky Polizo, DC, ATC

Philosophy Life on our planet continues to be the most miraculous, mysterious, and pervasive type of force. We've learned to observe its effects through scientific and technological advances, yet its substance we still cannot name. Amplifying this force from within you is what Dr. Ricky's aim is, allowing your own healing to reassert itself. This is Vitalistic Chiropractic.

Science Dr. Ricky has an aptitude for making complex systems and processes relatable and for exposing their underlying simplicity. He graduated with honors from both Cal State Long Beach with his Bachelors in Athletic Training, as well as at Life Chiropractic College West with his Doctorate in Chiropractic. He has worked as a teacher and a tutor for subjects spanning English as a Second Language to Biochemistry and Systemic Physiology.

Art There are subtleties in the technique of every profession. Dr. Ricky has immersed himself in exploring as many of these as possible, resulting in an adjustment that is different for each person. His adjustments are gentle and respectful yet profound. The adjustment should feel like something achieved together, rather than something forced upon you.

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