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ADIO Community Wellness

Welcome to ADIO Community Wellness, removing barriers and ensuring access to high quality chiropractic care for everyone. As Santa Barbara's only non-profit chiropractic organization, we are dedicated to providing discounted services to low-income community members, first responders, teachers, and students.

Mission Statement

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to have their spine checked and adjusted regularly. We exist to radically re-energize the health of our community by expanding access to chiropractic care and working with our patients to achieve optimal healing.

Help us help others

Through this non-profit arm, we offer services at a sliding scale making care accessible to people who may have considered it out of reach in the past. We also offer special rates to the people whose work it is to support us including teachers, nurses, first responders, and students. If you think you'd be a candidate, or know someone who would benefit from this program, please contact the office or book like normal and we can discuss qualification during your visit. Please bring some form of documentation that demonstrates the avenue for which you wish to use to qualify.

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