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What we offer

Chiropractors are doctors of the nervous system and what we look to improve is the strength of the communication systems within your body. There is a wide spectrum of how that may look, here's what to expect in our office.

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BioGeometric Integration

BGI is the framework of my analysis and ultimately points me to where and how your body wants to receive an adjustment. It looks at the body and the subluxation as something that is happening in the entirety of the human, not just where it hurts.

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Mastery Love Service

MLS is the technique with which the adjustment is delivered. The main principals are that the adjustment comes from a place of respectful intentions, athletic readiness on the part of the practitioner, and extreme ease in the person being adjusted.

Full Spine Adjusting

The spinal cord is the conduit between the body and the brain, and the spine is uniquely designed to protect this communication pathway while still being highly moveable. An impedance anywhere can affect tension everywhere, so we'll work through the whole spine during your adjustment.


Extremity Adjusting

Proper movement of the joints in the feet, hips, shoulders and hands is essential for creating functional, strong, and safe movement in the rest of the body. 

Movement Recommendations

The localized movement of the adjustment will make the bigger body movements behave differently. Before he was a chiropractor, Dr. Ricky was an athletic trainer, and he knows how small changes in movement patterns can create big changes in how you feel.

Nutritional Recommendations

The adage, "you are what you eat" has gained more and more scientific backing. Most importantly in the fields of emotions "you feel what you eat" and immunity "you heal what you eat". Dr. Ricky will help finding quality sources of nutrients to support your process.

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